Slutty Rat a Free and Feisty HD 4k Tube Up and Comer

By KingPerv | Adult Site Review

Aug 11

Hey Porn Tube Lovers, Are you looking for a new site with some High Quality content to FAP off to?  Today we take a look at a fiesty new comer in the sex tube field.  Their name SluttyRat conjours up all kinds of fun images in my head.  So let’s take an in-depth look and see just how Slutty this Rat really is.


Well after viewing some of their HD videos, I can definitely tell you this is one Slutty Rat!  She brings the goods when it comes to free high quality curated porn sex tube content. Take it from me, you will have no trouble finding a suitable sex scene to shoot your man glue to. Although their library is still growing, there's plenty of free HD PORN there now worth checking out.  In fact I just watched a super hot skinny blond work her sex partner like a true pro!

For a newcomer has a well curated library of HD Porn. In fact they have an expasive selection of category filters.  At the time of this writing I counted over 400 categories, to let you zone in on just the type of porn you are in the mood for.  

If your also interested in seeing how SluttyRat compares to more established porn sex tubes of and  You can read their review --> here.

The Home Page Of SluttyRat.Com

slutty rat

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Slutty Rat First Impressions:   When you land on SluttyRat you’ll find as expected a familiar portrait grid of the latest vidoes for that day.  The interface is clean and streamlined.  I was happy to find that SluttyRat has taken the time to create spot on thumbnails that highlight a hot scene in each video.  With these spot on thumbnails you'll be able to find a video to FAP off to without any surprises.

At the top SluttyRat has a search bar to help you find that special FAP worthy video.  I tested it and can attest to it’s superb performance.  Being a new fiesty up and comer SluttyRat is working hard on their catalog.  Their definitely focusing on quality over quantity at this point.  Which I think is a good idea.  In this era nobody wants grainy slow porn sex tube to load non hd videos.

SluttyRat Navigation

slutty rat

sluttyrat -> Click For More Porn <- sluttyrat

At the top of SluttyRat you'll find filter options on the left and right of the screen.  If you click on the right filter button you'll get a nice selection of items as shown in this picture for you to filter videos quickly.   The amount of categories this new site supports already is quite impressive as shown below.

Slutty Rat Search Categories

slutty rat -> CLICK FOR MORE <- slutty rat

Below the top filters of (hottest, latest and top) you'll find the categories, pornstars and a few off site ad links. 

After trying each filter option.  I'm quite happy with the snapiness of the site and the amount of hard work and love that's obviously being invested into this site.

The Contents of


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Team take a look at that creampie above.   This is really what you want to know, is Slutty Rat worth visiting to monkeyspank one offf.  If a sex tube can't deliver spank worthy content then it's got no chance.

See for yourself!  Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I would share a snap I took on their site.  Take a look at the picture above and make up your mind.  As you can see the quality is A+ and I for sure would have no issue getting off to that fine ass.  You have to love the free HD quality porn being served here.

SluttyRat Viewing Experience

My research shows that Slutty Rat is a fast HD Porn Tube. Yes, they do not have the deepest catalogue yet, but the fair amount of content they have rocks!  The viewing experience is good and the search bar and player responds quickly.  I also found that the ad load isn't crazy enough to get in the way of your enjoyment of the site. All in all I can say this a great site to get off on and it's worth coming back often to see what the latest HD quality videos they have up.

The Positives Of SluttyRat.Com

Well Curated Content

SluttyRat has done a good job curating their content. When you search for redheads you get readheads.  Their categories are well defined.

Responsive Sex Tube

SluttyRat works well whether your watching on your desktop or your mobiile device.  On top of that the site is fast and you won't be waiting for a buffering circle with your dick in your hand. 

Ads Load

I found the Ad Load at Slutty Rat to be a fair tradeoff for all of the free HD porn their serving up.  It doesn't get in the way of your FAP sessions.

Some Problems at SluttyRat.Com

Video Thumbnails

SluttyRat could use thumbnails to help you zone in quicker to the part of the video you really want to see. 

Broader Content

Although SluttyRat is growing there content quickly. There are some non mainstream areas that still need some filling in.  For example I could not find any Sybian masturbation videos.

slutty rat

slutty rat - CLICK HERE FOR MORE - slutty rat

The Slutty Rat Review in a Nutshell


  • HD Curated Porn Selection
  • Free Porn Sex Tube! Can't Beat That
  • Fast Sex Tube
  • Well Balanced Ad Load


  • Smaller Catalague 
  • No Video Thumbnails

The Final Verdict

Guys, I love supporting the up and comers.  Don't let Pournhub have all the fun!  SluttyRat is putting quality content up on their site that speaks for itself.  They have a fast and responsive site that rocks the HD Tube space. But guys don't take my word for it, jump on over to now and see for yourself.  

P.S. make sure to bring some tissues, you're going to need them, hell bring the whole box your going to need it!

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