July 27


Sweepsex a Hot New Cam Viewing Experience for the 21’st Century

By KingPerv

July 27, 2021

Hey Fellow Pervs, at KingPerv we're always on the lookout for hot new sites and trends.  Well today we ran into a hot new one called Sweepsex!  

I'm calling it the Tinder of cam sites!  


Sweepsex brings swiping for babes to an amazing new level.  When you land on Sweepsex you'll find that the swiping experience is a weirdly enjoyable user experience. By using their swipe up or down controls you can quickly find the hottest and sexiest girls on the net.  It's like the rolodex of porn! 

Each of the models HD Camera's are setup perfectly to bring you all the hot cam experience you could ever want. Soo I admit, maybe I'm just too lazy and don't want to the traditional CAM site experience where I have to click through pages of tiny thumbnails to find a girl to get down with.  

Whatever it is, I find Sweepsex's user interface of swiping through the sexiest babes very very appealing.  

It's like going to the drive in movie of sex and having thousands of hot chicks at your fucking fingertips.  This is no joke, you can go from a hot girl getting fucked with a sex machine to hot girls spreading their pussy lips with a hand held wand, all closeup and in HD! The best part, is that you can get all of this for FREE!!! WTF CRAZY

The Sweepsex Secret Sauce

Now at it's heart Sweepsex is a user interface overlay on one of the hottest and largest Cam Sites, the brilliance is that they have found a way to make your SMUT viewing experience more enjoyable than ever!  

This is a killer use of what Web 2+ can bring us, the future truly looks bright for us porn lovers!

As you can see below Sweepsex bring you in close to the action!  I'm actually jealous of that web cam, it can almost taste the action!

To get an idea of their user interface you can swipe up and down between these two models.  

But really you should try it yourself and create a free account.  Click To Start Swiping!

  Not sure which one you want to get off with, don't worry join the site and keep on swiping!  You may sprain your finger on your mouse going back and forth!

Maybe I'm just a lazy lazy ass bastard, but I really DIG this new cam viewing experience, and I bet you will too.

Make sure you bookmark and visit KingPerv daily as we bring hot new Videos and articles out all the time.

Check out this new cam experience for yourself by clicking the button below and join for FREE!

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