September 19


Swingers Sex Story #2: A Hot Beach Extravaganza

By KingPerv

September 19, 2020

A Swingers Sex Story : “Should we call and ask them to join us?” Elena looks at Lucas after asking the question. Lucas is trying to find his favorite T-shirt. They are planning for a trip to Bali in Indonesia. Lucas asks back, “Who?” Elena says, “Them… Ben and Emma!” Suddenly, Lucas can feel that his little friend has got the cue to get in attention. 


swingers sex story

swingers sex story - CLICK on Her For More Fun! - swingers sex story

He still craves for Emma’s ass. So, he tells himself, “Bring that sexy bitch for me.” But he doesn’t want Elena to know what he thinks about Emma. He knows, no matter how frank your wife is she will not tolerate that her husband is obsessively fantasizing on another woman. 

So, Lucas tells Elena, “Oh! Them, you can ask them if you want, I have no problem.” Elena, without letting Lucas finish the sentence says, “Darling, I know what you are feeling, your little friend wants to see Emma again. Don’t worry! I would love to see you tear up that bitch again. Now, for a moment, let’s see how you can tear me up.” By saying this, Elena goes straight to Lucas and lowers his pants and starts to suck his dick deep. She is making herself gag and by seeing that Lucas is actually perplexed. He is thinking in his mind, “When did my wife become a Slut? I have no clue!”

Lucas fucked Elena really hard and once he finishes, Elena takes her phone and dials Ben. They are both naked. Lucas dials Emma. After ending the call, both Lucas and Elena hug each other because Ben and Emma are ready to come with them on their trip to Bali. They know something more adventurous is in store for them and they cannot wait to experience it. 

Landing in Bali and Meeting Ben and Emma

After Lucas and Elena landed at the Ngurah Rai International Airport around 9’o clock in the morning, they had to travel 13 km to reach their destination, Bali. They checked into their hotel and called Ben and Emma. To their surprise, Ben and Emma checked into their hotel room an hour before they did. So, Lucas and Elena thought about meeting the couple they have been fantasizing. One thing they didn’t know that Ben and Emma were also having the same feelings for them. 

They met Ben and Emma in the lobby. The couples exchanged small talk because their insides were burning to have each other in bed and have the fuck of a lifetime. They wanted to experience the swingers lifestyle once again. After having breakfast together, both the couples decided to go to the beach to soak up in the sun. 

Elena was wearing a red bikini and Lucas was in his shorts. His abs were visible and it showed that he has been working out lately. Emma was getting wet by looking at the abs of Lucas. She was wearing a yellow bikini. So, her bikini and her white skin made her more tempting and Lucas was noticing it. All of them had a wonderful time at the beach. They were just measuring each other up before the real fun and that was what made everything about that beach expedition so enjoyable. 

Swingers Sex Story : Making the Plan

After going to the beach, both couples came back to their rooms where they had their lunch. It was a special trip for all of them. So, they wanted to make this trip a memorable one. That was why Lucas told Elena that he had a plan in mind. He wanted to make this trip something which all of them will never ever forget. After listening to Lucas’ plan, Elena was very happy. She knew that her smart husband is cooking up something that would make this trip a memorable one. 

swingers sex story

swingers sex story - CLICK on SEX for more FUN! - swingers sex story

On the other hand, Ben and Emma were also making a plan. This was an impromptu trip for them. But, whatever it was, they wanted it to be special. The main reason for this was they had Elena and Lucas with them on this trip. So, both the couples were ready with their plans. As the time to reveal the plan came closer, their adrenaline went up quite a bit. 

Let’s Go to the Room First

After dinner, Ben and Emma invited Lucas and Elena to their bedroom. To that, Lucas and Elena didn’t say no because they knew something was about to happen. After shutting the door of their room, Ben and Emma revealed their plan. But, before that, there was a long silence. To break the ice, Ben informed everyone that they were having a swinging lifestyle for a while. So, what about trying something new this time? To that, Lucas and Elena were happy. Even they wanted to try something different. 

Ben said, “Let’s try bondage. Elena will be my slave and Emma would be your slave, what do you have to say to that, Lucas?” Lucas gave his consent by nodding. Elena already made her panties wet by the thought of being Ben’s slave. Ben put a handcuff in her hands and made her kneel. He put his cock on the lips of Elena and started to rub it. Elena did not wait long to gulp the cock in her throat. 

Ben was fucking Elena’s throat mercilessly. She was helpless and that made Lucas so horny. So, he said, “Where is the other handcuff?” Ben was indicating something with his fingers. Emma knew where they were. So, she gave it to Lucas who said, “Fuck the handcuffs, I will do it anyway.” So, he took control of Emma’s hands and made her kneel to enter his cock in her mouth. 

Both men were fucking each others’ wives in the mouth. They were having an untold competition of who will cum last. Finally, it was Ben who came first in Elena’s mouth. She ate his cum like it was a fancy dessert. After that, Lucas came in Emma’s mouth with the satisfaction of being the winner. 

The Real Fun is at the Beach

It was time for Lucas to execute his plan. He was already very happy because he was the last man to cum. So, he said to Ben, “Let’s go to the beach.” Ben shrugged his shoulders to indicate why. Lucas told him that he also has a special plan. 

So, they made their wives naked. Emma and Elena had their handcuffs on. It was around midnight and the entire city was   resting. But, some people had no plan to rest. So, they came to the beach to find out that Lucas had already set up a beach mat along with lights. 

But, Ben told Lucas to turn off the lights as they wanted to fuck under the moonlight that was giving a silver layer on everything. Ben told Elena to bend over. He found lubricants in the mat. He took one to apply on his dick and Elena’s asshole. After that, he placed his dick at the opening just to get a feel of her asshole. Then, he slammed his dick deep inside and Elena screamed with a mix of pain and pleasure. But, she loved this pain. Also, Ben was spanking her and pulling her hair. 

Now, Lucas had enough. He pulled Emma by her hair and made her bend over. He didn’t even apply lube and entered into the asshole of Emma. By now, Emma was experiencing incredible pleasure. It was as if both men were having a competition as to who can fuck harder and rougher. 

The only gainer from this unannounced competition was both the wives. They were having the time of their life. They wanted to experience a rough fuck like this. Emma always wanted the treatment of a submissive whore that Lucas was doing. And, Elena knew, she was the real slut. 

Swingers Sex Story 

An Experience to Savor

Fucking at the beach was an experience to savor. Both women were competing to be the sluttiest and both men wanted to be the roughest fucker. After fucking their asses, both men fucked the wet pussies of both women. While fucking the pussy, Ben and Lucas were pinning down both Elena and Emma. Ben even hit Elena on her face to which Elena told, “Thank you, Master.” She was playing the role of a real slave. 

Lucas was fucking Emma’s pussy from behind. So, he started to thrash Emma’s head on the pillow with each thrust. Yes, Lucas had a pillow on the mat because he wanted to do this to Emma. After fucking both Emma and Elena, both men came together. Both women also came several times. Their bodies were numb and they could not even move because of the beating they had to endure. But, both women liked the fucking they got. After sharing cum, the swinging couples went back to their hotel room. 

Lucas was rubbing ointment in the body of Elena and was giving aftercare treatment. Elena suddenly hugged Lucas and started kissing her. She thanked him for this experience. Later, they called Ben and Emma to know about their well-being. In the end, they decided to stay in Bali for a week and do things that they cannot even imagine doing with only their wives. All their fantasies about swingers sex were now becoming true.

swingers story

swingers sex story - CLICK Her Heart For More Fun! - swingers sex story

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