August 27


EscortFox, The Best Escort Directory in 2020

By KingPerv

August 27, 2020

EscortFox is your Best Friend when your Tired of dating, got blue balls, you don’t have a girlfriend, and you just want to meet and fuck? As a businessman or just a lad with loads of money to spend, you have probably thought about hiring a hot escort to accompany you on an important trip, right? 


 You have probably already hired one, and I am here to suggest that you check out EscortFox, which is an escort site with many gorgeous babes at your service.

escort fox


The site will literally list different parts of the world that you can choose and get escorts just from there, which is great for those who were unable to find the escorts from their area. The first thing you should probably do is find your country and city, and then search for escorts from those places in particular, right?

The best part of EscortFox is that every babe comes with a nice photo-set. You'd be surprised how many escort sites don't even feature photos, or have a bunch of bullshit for the brothel they are hosting. At EscortFox, you'll get perfect pictures for these ladies on an individual basis. 

And some of these girls are stinking hot. I'm talking about Instagram model status. Personally, I don't need much more than some pics and a phone number to start the action, but lucky for you, they give so much more info than that.

The yellow pages of pussy

When you first enter EscortFox, you'll get a huge list of cities and countries. Countries are broken down into major cities so find your nearest metropolitan area and get that cell phone ready motherfucker.

Click on a girl to go to their main page. You'll see a scrolling gallery of all their photos, with their description below. Normally you'll see a list of their services like massage, blow job, sex, GFE (girlfriend experience) and more.

Personally, I think the pics are enough. If I meet them in real person and they look nothing like the photos, I assume I'm entitled to get a good smack in just to teach them a lesson. I hate liars.

Don't forget to check the price! Escorts can run you hundreds of dollars for a good fuck, and you better believe they only want cash. You'll typically find their rate in the summary, but it can also be found in the list of stats under "Rate". There's also an information that tells you if their pussy is hairy or shaved.

All the best escorts from your city

I also like that every girl comes with photos. I don’t think the escorts are allowed to list without photos, which puts EscortFox ahead of its competitors. I’ve seen too many escort directories where a lot of escorts don’t even show photos.

find escorts
find escorts

EscortFox also tells you the last time an ad was updated. Always stick to the girls who recently updated their profiles, since there is a much higher chance they are still active and not full of shit. Luckily, most of the top profiles are updated regularly.

One-night pussy is the best pussy

Overall, I think EscortFox is one of the more reliable escort sites on the internet. I love that they list all the ages next to the pictures, and the safe browsing function is useful when you're trying to find a girl while on the train or walking in public.

Are all the girls guaranteed to be legit? Of course not. The lack of reviews and the lack of needing to input your own information makes this place ripe for traps. But EscortFox has been successful for quite a long time, and the direct phone numbers give you the assurance that an escort girl is for real.

Your mom always told you to get out and get some outdoor activity right? I say, you do your mom proud and go get yourself some real-life action. Just remember not to take escorts home to meet your parents. That's a level of fetish I don't even want to get into.

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