December 10


The Most Realistic Erotic Games 2020

By KingPerv

December 10, 2020

Description: Are you looking for the most realistic erotic games you can start playing right now? Find out the hottest alternatives right in this post. 


The world of games is incredibly diverse and amazing. Moreover, the number of gamers in most countries continues to grow. Some people prefer traditional RPG games, the others might stick to strategies or action games. However, there are crowds of gamers who are fond of playing online sex games, also known as sex simulators. In case you are one of them, this post is right for you. Discover the hottest and sexiest games with true-to-life graphics and characters right in this post. 

Before You Start

The number of sex games enthusiasts is really impressive. However, there are still many people looking for sex adventures in real life. If you would like to have a hot night, it might be a good idea to choose an online dating site for people searching for one-night stands. Moreover, it is necessary to read the reviews of other users to choose the most fitting solution. For example, ashleymadison review contains all the necessary info about one of the most popular dating sites for naughty adventures. However, in case you prefer playing a hot game, continue reading this post to choose the most exciting game according to your needs and preferences. 

Top Realistic Erotic Games 2020

The number of sex games available online is huge. However, we’ve chosen the most popular and hot alternatives most gamers really like. Get ready to dive into the atmosphere of erotica and make all your sexy dreams come true when playing these stunning games.

Town Of Passion 

The plot of this game is very intriguing. You are the last man on the Earth surrounded by crowds of sexy and horny ladies. All of the girls are looking for your attention, so get ready to have lots of amazing moments with numerous females. The great thing about the game is that it is not only about sex - it contains some interesting dialogs and a deep storyline. Moreover, the game has numerous mysterious and fantasy elements that will make you forget about everything and just play for hours. You can easily find a town of passion all sex scenes online and make sure this game is surely worth your attention. 

As for the interface of the Town of Passion, it is incredibly intuitive. You will not need to learn how to use this or that function - just start playing, and you’ll understand everything in a couple of moments. It is also worth mentioning that each lady has her particular features and preferences, so you can easily choose the most fitting hotties. Don’t let the girls go wild!


This solution is for those enthusiasts who prefer quality and true-to-life online sex games. You can easily customize your character, switch between soft and hard modes, and even create sex dolls of your dreams in a few clicks. It is very easy to customize the doll’s look, sexual wishes, and burning desires. After completing this first step, the gamers are taken to the special room, where the doll starts putting her sexy skills to practice. Each play lasts about one minute. In case you want to have access to more sex videos, 3D cartoons, and other hot content, get ready to purchase a subscription.

Wasteland 3D

This game is just a paradise for gamers who prefer BDSM. This is not a romantic game with sweet faces and smiley ladies but a hardcore sex simulator. You can forget about any limits when playing Wasteland 3D and use various types of sex tools, bondages, and toys. Moreover, the game contains tons of fetish videos that are likely to be enjoyed by most players. Wasteland 3D might become a perfect choice for those looking for naughty adventures with BDSM elements. 

By the way, the official Wasteland 3D website welcomes its fans not only with the popular game. You can find thousands of photos, videos, instructions, and even hentai anime cartoons. Numerous kinky videos with shibari, BDSM, ropes, and other stuff are all available to the site’s visitors. 

3D Sex Villa

This hot game will become an excellent solution for those who like playing Sims. However, not only you are going to build a house, you will need to establish relationships with various attractive females. You can effortlessly set up the appearance of the main characters and add as many details as you want. After that, you can start playing a sex simulator and do whatever you want. Feel free to use dozens of sex toys, handcuffs, bondage, and other things to make your experience unforgettable. 

All in all, there are dozens of different sexy games and sex emulators you can find online. You can choose either 2D or 3D options, special features, and storylines according to your individual needs. 

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