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#1 TheKristenArchives: How Good Are The Dirty Stories? A Review

By Guest Perv

April 6, 2020

Watching free porn is surely something that you can do to empty your nut sack quickly.  However, if you want to feel the emotions running through the cells of your body before the blood circulates through your little friend to become a giant monster, then reading erotic stories at TheKristenArchives could be what you need.


Yes, rock or hip-hop can swipe you off your feet instantly. However, getting into the grove with some classical jazz music is something that you may want at times. 

So, when it comes to erotic stories, you need to visit a good website like TheKristenArchives.  Otherwise, if you visit a website where you have to read utter gibberish instead of sexy, sensual, seductive, and erotic stories, it can piss your mood off.  Now, there are a plethora of erotica story websites where you can make your manhood feel alive again. 

One such extraordinary website is The Kristen Archives

The collection of kristens archives is truly sensational.  You have stories about almost every topic.  So many writers contributed in this archive with their stories and one must say, they have some of the naughtiest minds.  So, how good is The Kristen Archives?  Let’s review this amazing website thekristenarchives with a large collection of erotica stories.

Back Story of TheKristenArchives

So, let’s start the review with insight on kristens archive.  It all started in the year 1997 by Kristen.  It is a collection of erotic stories which will compel your imagination to drive you wild. Since the beginning, the collection of stories has become rich and the premise of the stories is simple, some way or the other, it has to be related to sex, or something erotic. 

Also, the stories have to be free and so, if you think that other writers who write erotic stories will not be inclined to share it on the kristen archives, then you will be in for a surprise because the archive is packed with fascinating erotic stories that will compel you to take hold of your dick in your hand and start stroking it gently.  

In thekristenarchives website, you will find around 90 directories.  Each of these directories is similar to a category.  You will find stories of rape, gang bang, couple swapping, incest, and many other categories.  You can rest assured your imagination will be tested once you start reading these stories. 

The Design of The Kristen Archives

When you first open the website, you will see that layout is not very attractive.

 thekristenarchives - CLICK ME - thekristenarchives

But, kristens archive has their devil hidden towards the middle of the layout. You will see a picture in the head portion of the kristen archive website giving you an eerie and sensual feel and when you scroll down a bit, you find an erotic picture. That is it, there is no such erotic design that you might find with websites serving erotic stories to their readers. 

You will get a feel of old-school website design by looking at the entire layout. In the middle, you have the directories and after the end of the directories, you will see two options namely ‘Kristen’s Forum’ and 'Kristen’s Images’, more on these two options later.  Apart from that, there are so many options as you scroll down and you will also find category archives as well.  But now, let’s have a discussion on the directories of kristen's archives.

Kristen Archives Directory

When you open a directory, you will find the stories with the name of their authors.  Also, there will be a snippet of the story to help you figure out whether to open the story or not.  At the end of the snippet, under the brackets, you will know the type of sexual activity that will happen in the story. So, before going into the story, you will be fully prepared with an expectation of getting an erection after reading the story which is a great thing about the website because it keeps the reader glued to it.

Now, let’s give you an experience of what is it like to read a story on kristen archive. The story I picked out is about Tony, Diana, and Joe.  Joe and Diana are married.  Joe cannot satisfy Diana sexually and for this, Joe brings Tony (a black guy with a large dick) to satisfy his wife.  The entire narration of their sexual adventure was breathtaking.  The writer really has a wild mind.  The story was enjoyable and can give erection to anyone because of the dialogues and the narration.  However, it must be stated that some stories on this kristen archive website are a bit long. 

Extra Features on TheKristenArchives

The design of the layout of the kristens archives is very simple. Therefore, expecting such great additional features on this kristen archive website is like building a castle in the air.  However, it has some very good extra features. 

Kristen’s Forum

One of the negative things about this website is that it has not been updated for a while.  But surprisingly, it has a forum section which is very much active. The members of the forum do have conversations regularly which are a good thing about this website.

Kristen’s Images

After taking a look at the kristen archives, the content that you will find at the images section will stun you.  This section is like a breath of fresh air for those hardcore porn lovers because here you will find some of the hottest images which will facilitate the erection you got while reading the stories to empty your nuts.  The images you will find in this section will be erotic and pornographic in the truest sense. 

Category Archives

If don’t want to face the embarrassment of opening up an erotic story only to find out that the story is absolutely pathetic or not what you wanted, then you should scroll down to find this section.  Here you will find stories of many categories including extreme, bondage, gay, lesbian, incest, and many others. If you love to read erotic stories, you should certainly take a look at this section. 

Some Problems with TheKristenArchives

Now, the kristens archives is a great website to read erotic stories.  But, there are certain negative aspects of the website that should also be addressed.  So, here are some problems that you will find with The Kristen Archives.

Some Stories are Very Bad

Most of the stories in the kristen's archive are brilliant and will make you feel horny. However, there are some absolutely horrible stories.  If you stumble onto such a story, then it can ruin your mood and day also.  So, it would be better if the archive does not have these stories. 

Lack of Update

The kirstens archives is filled with erotic stories and you will struggle to finish all the stories.  However, one would always love to see the website getting updated with newer stories.  It is a negative point of this website and something that should be addressed. 

At Times the Quality Lacks in Writing

The stories of this website are absolutely gripping and you will surely love to read what the writers are offering.  However, not all writers are gifted to write erotic stories.  That is why while reading some stories, you might feel that the writing quality is just off the track. 

The Design of the Website

The design of the thekristenarchives archive is very much backdated. Unless you open a story and start reading, you will not realize what a beast The Kristen Archives is.  That is why to capture the imagination of the readers visiting the thekirstenarchives website for the first time, the design and the layout should be updated. 

Review of TheKristenArchives in a Nutshell


  • Don’t have to spend money to read the stories
  • A large collection of erotic stories at thekristenarchives
  • Everyone will find some stories at thekristenarchives according to their sexual preferences


  • At times, writers lack quality
  • Some stories are very bad at thekristenarchives
  • The layout and the design of the thekristenarchives need an update

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, the kristen archives is a very large collection of erotic stories that will test your imagination to its limit.  So, overall, the thekristenarchies site is wonderful as they really have some hot stories that can make you feel horny.  Also, there is a forum section to chat and engage with people who love to read erotic stories.  All in all, if you are a fan of erotic stories, then The Kristen Archives can be your heaven. 

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