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Top Sexy Cosplay Girls for 2020

By KingPerv

July 2, 2020

Hey Cosplay Lovers,  You know already that watching cos-players in action can be a real treat to your eyes. These girls are very, very hot. We fall in love with them when we see them wearing the cosplay costume of our favorite anime character.  Cosplay girls really know how to bring our fantasies to life!


If you are wondering what cosplay is and what would your favorite 2D anime characters look like, just watch these hot cosplay girls.  When you see them without a cosplay costume you will surely still admire their beauty.  These girls are fucking hot and their procosplay can really turn us on. 

So, do you want to know who are the best cosplay girls in 2020?  Here are some of the hot cosplay girls that can you will surely want to follow. 

Cutest Cosplay Girls

Belle Delphine

When it comes to the most popular cosplay girls in 2020, you have to mention the name of Belle Delphine first.  She has broken the internet with her cosplay several times.  Her ahegao face procosplay became very famous.  When she posted that pic of her ahegao face cosplay costume on Instagram on September 10th, 2018, she received over 35K likes within a couple of months.

Her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner and if you see her without make up, you will realize just how beautiful she is.  The earliest picture Delphine posted on Instagram was way back in 2015.  She has become an internet sensation and gaining limelight for her amazing cosplay skills.  Delphine has also been at the center of some controversies. 

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Her Instagram account was banned in 2019.  However, she made a stunning comeback in 2020.  Delphine’s first post was "I’m…..b…back?" when she returned and that post received over 6k likes. That shows her popularity.  She's also on YouTube, Patreon, and Pornhub.  She is an internet sensation and you will love seeing her crazy posts. Therefore, follow Belle Delphine because she is too cute! 

Follow Her Procosplay on Instagram: @kittybelledelphine

Top ProCosplay Girls

Liz Katz

From a cute cosplay girl to a hot cosplay girl, Liz Katz is someone who really has a sexy body and loves to show it off!   Each and every one of her cosplay acts have a steamy and erotic appeal. That is exactly what makes her cosplay so interesting to watch. 

When she posed by wearing the cosplay costume of Spiderman, her 34C boobs were clearly visible!  Whether you admit it or not, by watching her sexy body, you will probably day dream about her.  Another interesting thing about her is she was also a porn actress with the pseudonym of Risi Simms.  

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You can still watch her videos in Pornhub.  Click here to view her on Pornhub.  Although she left the porn industry, you can guess if she continued, she could have given some of the top porn stars a run for their money. Her boobs, her ass, her pussy, everything are made to perfection.  However, you can still catch her cosplay action. 

Liz Katz is surely stunning.  She has over a million followers on Instagram along with 231k on twitter and 76k on YouTube.  She was inspired for cosplay by the Fantastic Nami Swan.  You can follow LIZ and you will get entertained by her amazing cosplay. 

Follow Her Procosplay on Instagram: @lizkatzofficial

ProCosplay Alodia Gosiengfiao

Gosiengfiao  has many talents such as an procosplay artist, a model, or a gamer.  But, whatever she does, she will always be the queen of cosplay from the Philippines.  She was only 15 when she began her cosplay.  

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Her first was ‘Ragnarok Online Priestess’ and with time, her cosplay improved and she became a star.  So, Gosiengfiao is one of the top cosplay girls to follow today. 

Follow Her Procosplay on Instagram: @alodia

Jessica Nigri

Without any doubt, Jessica Nigri is one of the most talked-about hot  cosplay girls right now.  She is a real procosplay bombshell.  When you look at her Instagram account, you will understand wonderfully why. Her big boobs will tempt you for sure.  

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She has a great body and she is not shying away from showing it to the world.  When it comes to cosplay and cosplay costumes, Jessica just nails it.  In 2009, her "sexy Pikachu" went viral.  

She has a stunning sex appeal  that you will not want to miss out on.   WTF: Her Instagram has over 4 million followers!  You horny fuckers!

Follow Her Procosplay on Instagram: @jessicanigri

ProCosplay Lyz Brickley

When you are looking at the top cosplay girls today, you will have to include Lyz Brickley on that list.  She is stunning with her cosplay without any doubt.  Her love for anime and video games is known to all.  Lyz is a popular internet personality and model. 

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One of the best things about her is she can cosplay a plethora of characters.  Her cosplay costumes are great! However, to most of her fans, her cosplay as Jinx (League of Legends) is the best.  She also has over 128k Instagram followers.

Follow Her Procosplay on Instagram: @lyzbrickley


Without any doubt, AniMia is one of the best cosplay girls to follow.   She began her journey as a model in 2001.  However, she started to cosplay for the first time in 2008.  She is a worldwide cosplay star who is popular for her intelligent outlook of the cosplay genre.  

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She is now a professional cos-player and also a judge of various competitions related to procosplay.  AniMia has over 200k followers on Instagram. 

Follow Her Procosplay on Instagram: @animiaofficial

Top Cosplay Girls

Linda Le

If you want to look at a pure Asian beauty among cos-players, then you have to check out Linda Le.  She is an American cos-player with a Vietnamese origin.  She acts as a number of fictional characters.  You can say that Linda is an all-rounder when it comes to cos playing because she does almost everything.  

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Apart from the cos playing success, she also collaborated with various magazines like FHM and Playboy. When it comes to her figure, her 205k followers know how hot she is. 

Follow Her Procosplay on Instagram: @vampybitme

Katyuska Moonfox

Katyuska Moonfox is definitely one of the hottest cosplay girls that you can ever see.  She just loves gaming and anime and that is from where her love for cosplay began.  Katyuska is from Brisbane, Australia and anime is an integral part of her procosplay life. 

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She loves to watch the anime character of Neon Genesis Evangelion.  She has over 900k Instagram followers which is quite impressive.

Follow Her ProCosplay on Instagram: @katyuskamoonfox

Nicole Marie Jean

Nicole is one hot cosplay girl that can raise your arousal level instantly.  She is one of the hottest in the cosplay girls in the world.  Nicole is an American cosplay artist who also loves to show her body on Instagram.  Nicole is also known for her creativity while creating her cosplay costumes.  

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She has become a stalwart of cosplay in America as she is now invited to some of the most popular events in the country.  If you are searching for a hottie among cosplay girls, then Nicole Marie Jean is just the perfect one for you. 

Follow Her ProCosplay on Instagram: @nicolemjean

Top Sexy Cosplay Girls In a Nutshell

Finally, watching hot cosplay girls doing their acts is simply stunning. The amount of time and work they put in while creating each and every cosplay costume for their acts is quite commendable.

However, some hot cosplay girls also put a tinge of seasoning to their costume with their sex appeal.  Their sexy attitude makes  stand out from the lot.  

King Pervs #1 pick: Liz Katz gets my vote for the sexiest cos-player of this bunch, who are your Top Cosplay Girls?  Let us know who are we missing?  Leave a comment below.

So, these are some of the top hot cosplay girls that you should follow because they are beautiful, creative, artistic, and more importantly, hot!

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