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Tremor Sex Machine Review, The #1 New King!

By KingPerv

April 29, 2020

Sex Machine

Tremor Sex Machine Review: The Original ROCK and ROLL Sex Machine, check this totally original review out!


Tremor Sex Machine Review: There's a new KING of the Sex Machines and it's not the Sybian Sex Macine! 

Checkout what makes The Tremor so unique.

Tremor Sex Machine


The strong vibrations this sex machine pushes out are unlike anything else on the market.  Move over Sybian sex machine!

A Saddle vibrator is a high end sex machine, made to provide him and her immense pleasure through deep penetrating vibrations.  

The high vibration rpm’s and rocking motion these sex machines produce can bring you and your partner to a new level of sexual pleasure.  

I know this sounds too good to be true, but this is truly a situation, where you don’t know what you are missing until you try The Tremor.

Tremor Sex Machine Review What Makes The Tremor 

Stand Out?

As a Sybian sex machine owner, I really appreciate the improvements the team at The Tremor have made around sex machine safety and overall comfort.  These are REAL functional improvements that allow you to get more out of your expensive purchase and help put The Tremor ahead of the Sybian sex machine.  

Tremor Sex Machine


Let me explain this safety improvement further and why it matters


Let's start with The Tremors housing improvements. Gone are the sharp metal corners of the Sybian sex machine, in are the rounded corners of The Tremor.  You see the Sybian's sex machine sharp sheet metal edges around the bottom corners are DANGEROUS if you try to use the Sybian sex machine in any other positions.  

With an expensive luxury sex machine, you will want the ability to use the machine in various other comfortable positions. Sitting on top is great, but eventually you will want to try other positions like laying on your back against the bed post and wrapping your legs around your new toy.

With the Sybian sex machine you can end up getting real injuries from the metal tipped corners in these alternative positions, especially when you hit the high RPM’s that make these SEX machines shine. 

The Tremor with it’s cleaner design and rounded corners is a real important safety improvement.

So the housing design of the The Tremor beats the Sybian sex machine  hands down, it's truly uncontested.

Don’t get me wrong I love my Sybian sex machine and it’s fine if used in only one position, but Sex is all about trying new things, and The Tremors thoughtful construction opens us whole new avenues.


The Tremor Sex Machine


Using any sex toy, much less a saddle vibrator can be a dirty/messy endeavor, and I mean that in the best way. With all of the lubricants used to keep you on a comfortable ride and the bodily fluids cumming out when you're having a good time.

It becomes extremely important to have a sex machine that you can clean easily and thoroughly between uses.  This is another area that  The Tremor excels in versus my Sybian sex machine. The Sybian does not have a removable cover that you can clean like The Tremor, Having a removable cover and a cleaner build allow you to wipe down your sex machine after each use more thoroughly.



The Tremor has one thousand more RPM's of power than the Sybian sex machine, topping out at an incredible 7,000 RPM.  While the additional vibration power may not sound like a big improvement, that extra horsepower may allow some people to push into previously unreachable pleasure zones.

Personally though, I’m much more excited about the higher rotations, as the rotational ability just adds that something extra to get you in the O zone.  

The Tremors extra revolutions here are a very very welcome addition.

Other improvements that work synergistic-ally to deliver a better overall experience are:

Improved Controls

You can control the system with one hand, while you other is free to explore.

New A-Frame Design

I do not necessarily hate my Sybians rounder design, but the improved a-Frame does allow for more pinpointed targeting of the vibrations and also the ability to apply increased pressure when on top at just the right place.

Interchangeable attachments

This can go a long way towards making your sex machine investment pay off.  If you see something Motor Bunny or Sybian develops and want to try it. Well The Tremor has you covered.

Here’s what the good folks at The Tremor have to say about their sex machine:

The Tremor is a World Class ride-on sex toy far superior to any other product on the market! Its development is the result of in-depth interviews with both present owners and interested consumers of ride-on sex toys. From those interviews we innovated functionality and usability where it made real sense.”

I couldn’t agree more.

tremor sex machine review


tremor sex machine review



First up is the “Bridge” or “Flattop”:

Ladies you are going to get a blast out of this attachment as it nub is specially designed for clitoris stimulation.

Did I mention that these sex machines can be used by him or her?

For the more adventurous men out there, the guys can use the machine with the “Bridge” attachment on their Penis tip, while their partner controls the vibrations.  She will make you pop in no time.

Next UP is the "Whammy Bar"

The attachment known as the “Whammy Bar” has a slight curve designed to put pressure on the G-Spot. 


The adventurous Men can also use this attachment on a lower power setting to stimulate the Prostate and achieve a blended penis and prostate orgasm!

The Tremor store currently has eight attachments available, so you have a wide variety of options to choose from to bring new spice into your bedroom.

Since The Tremor is compatible with attachments from MotorBunny and Sybian Sex Machine, you’ll likely never run out of new attachments to experiment with.


Lastly The Tremor beats the Sybian sex machine in PRICE!

A cheaper higher quality machine for a lower price, you just can't beat that.

I hope you found this Tremor Sex Machine Review informative.

Product Name - Summary


The improved A-Shape and Safer Corners Shine


WARP SPEED rotations and vibrations


LOWER cost and HIGHER quality!  Very Impressive.

Overall rating :  4 / 5

In summary although the Sybian sex machine has been King for a long while now.  All reigns must come to and end!  

The numerous design and safety improvements that The Tremor team has put forth will finally allow me to retire my Sybian sex machine and Crown the new KING “The Tremor”.

Congratulations Tremor team, you receive the highest PETER METER rating in the Tremor Sex Machine Review.

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