November 10


Vina Sky: 2020 Best New Starlet Nominee

By KingPerv

November 10, 2020

Vina Sky is a sexy Asian babe with Vietnamese origin. She just loves to play with big cocks. Well, she is relatively new in the porn industry. But, she has made stunning progress in her career. It is fair to say that she hasn’t done quite a lot of scenes. 


But, the ones she did were stunning and because of her magnificent performances, she got a well-deserved nomination for the best new starlet in the AVN awards. Now, watching Vina Sky porn is a treat for all those Asian lovers. 


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Her tits are quite firm and cute. Also, her little ass is quite tight and pleasurable to fuck. It is unbelievable the way she handles giant dicks. She has worked with men like J Mac who has one of the biggest dicks in the porn industry. 

Even though she has a petite body, she took his cock and emptied it. Her flexible body is quite attractive and you will love to watch her in action in the videos that she has done. So, yes, in the future, Vina Sky could be a force to reckon with in the porn industry.

She has all the potential to be one of the top porn stars in the industry. That is why we decided to check out some of her scenes and suggest some of the scenes of her that you must watch. You can rest assured your dick will find complete entertainment while fapping on Vina Sky porn videos. 

Vina Sky Bio

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Born on 14th March 1999, Vina Sky was always someone who loved adventures in life. Her Asian face is due to her Vietnamese root. She has a petite body and her tits are quite attractive. Around the mid-2018, she appeared on her first porn scene. 

With her emergence, in the porn industry, we found another pretty Asian face that we can look up to while fapping. She is so brilliant on the screen that she got the chances to perform for some of the most reputed porn production houses. 

In fact, she is excellent whether she is in a solo scene or with multiple dicks. Well, she can handle everything which you might think unlikely for a girl of her size. Her performances were so fantastic that she got the nomination for the best new starlet in the AVN awards. She deserves every bit of success she has up till now. 

Top 3 Must Watch Vina Sky Videos


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It’s been a couple of years since Vina Sky started her career in the porn industry. She has performed in some of the scenes that you must watch at least once. We have gone through many such scenes and now, we will suggest you go and watch 3 of those scenes. So, let’s begin. 

Vina Sky is a squirter. Now, we didn’t expect to see a fountain on her pussy but when we saw the name of the movie, we just clicked. In this video, we saw her playing with her pussy by the pool.

It is one of those solo scenes that was enjoyable to watch because, in the end, we saw the chick squirting like she has opened her flood gates. Now, this is one of the best solo acts of Vina which you will enjoy as we did. She is too adorable in this clip. 

Vina Sky Takes First BBC (Paid)

Vina Sky can handle cocks of many sizes. Well, in this video, she truly showed that. She is performing with Jovan Jordan who has a thick and big dick. If you're a fan of Vina you'll want to watch this.  

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Vina sucks his dick and takes it inside her pussy. Also, Jovan fucks her roughly. It is a hardcore fucking scene that anyone would enjoy to watch. While watching this scene, you just can’t but admire the sheer brilliance of this Asian chick.

She is awesome!

Petite Asian Teen Gets Fucked By 3 Big Cocks


Through this video, you will see another dimension of Vina Sky’s talent. Well, Vina Sky porn videos are always very special to watch. But, in this video, Vina satisfies three cocks. Tony Rubino, Tyler Steel, and Johnny The Kid are the other actors featured with Vina in this clip.

They are quite established names and you can see they had a hard time controlling Vina in this video. She is truly a cock hungry bitch. 

The Bottom Line

After watching these scenes, you will have to admit that the AVN nomination of Vina Sky for the best new starlet is worth it. She is stunning to watch on-screen.

You just can’t but adore her sexy Asian features and assets while fapping. She is a true porn star in the making. 

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