July 10


Romantic Virgin Nerds Need Love Too! 1 Night To Remember

By KingPerv

July 10, 2020

Romantic Virgin Harry Walker is the Geek of his university in Charlotte, North Carolina. His mom and dad died a long time back. He was adopted and lived with his uncle and aunt who are not so generous to their adopted nephew. So, Harry found salvation in his books. 


Sex Story

He reads for hours and hours and for that, he does not have many friends in his class. Also, he is at the top of his college class which is the reason for the envy of his uncle and aunt because their son, Jamie is miserable in studies. 

But, Harry wants to be like Jamie, he wants romantic love from women, he wants to lose his virginity and sleep with many women. Harry is a pervert in his heart because, on his laptop, he watches porn in his dorm room most of the time apart from studying.

No one knows that Harry Walker, the valedectorian of the class, can also watch porn videos. It would be something unbelievable for everyone. Harry loves to watch MILFs fucking college studs. He even fantasized his about MILFs while jerking off. 

But, he never ever had the chance of fucking a MILF which he would do, if he ever gets a chance. Harry just turned nineten and now, he was desperate to lose his virginity. However, none of the girls in his classes are interested in sleeping with him because he is a bit weird. 

Harry was becoming more and more desperate to have sex because he used to hear his dorm mates talking about having sex. This frustration of not being able to fuck a girl has started to affect his work, for the first time his results were mediocre. Harry was now feeling down and out.

Romantic Virgin At The Drinking Party

Harry’s rich friend Stuart had to go away from home for a trip for seven days. So Harry asked if he could stay over his house and watch it.  Before he left he mentioned that his aunt Emily had organized a Drinking Party for her friends at his house later that night. 

Harry asked him to help her in organizing the party which he obliged gleefully given the fact that he had a crush on her tits.  Also, while helping her, he could have stared at her tits whenever she would go down. That is why he always used to help Harry's aunt whenever she asked for it. 

Harry found out while helping Emily that she had also invited her three friends Gracie Thompson, Victoria Johnson, and Charlotte Evans. Harry always wanted fuck these MILFs and thought if they were in the porn business, they would have made it big because of their voluptuous assets. 

They were just four of them in the drinking party and Harry was supposed stay in the guest room that night before heading back to college the next day. In the evening, the guests arrived and the party was going wonderful. Harry saw the MILFs from the hole in his room’s door. They were looking as hot as possible including his aunt. 

In no time, he realized that his dick was up. So, he removed his pant, took his cock in his hand, spit on it, and started jerking it. Oh! He was imagining these four MILFs worshipping his dick, taking it on their ass, boobs, mouth, and pussy. 

It was a heavenly feeling for him. He was stroking hard and was feeling the ecstasy of watching these MILFs in front of him and jerking off. But, suddenly, a thunderbolt struck him. Harry's aunt Emily called her out. “Harry! Darling, my friends want you to join us, come here now!” 

The Virgin Discovery

Harry was in shock. His dick was up and he was about to cum. He was half-naked and had no idea what he should do. So, he gathered himself and put his pant back on and went to meet the guests. They were happy to see him. But, when their eyes moved towards Harry’s crotch, they kept on staring at each other. Harry knew, he was in trouble and was feeling embarrased.

After a minute’s silence which seemed ages for Harry, all the ladies in the room burst out in laughter. Harry was a bit surprised and without knowing what to say, he said, “I’m sorry. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll be here.” Victoria said, “No, come here darling, it’s okay! You don’t have to go anywhere, it’s normal!” Harry was unsure as to what he should do, so, he did what Victoria told him, he sat beside her. 

She told Emily, “Your nephews friend has now become a man, Emily! Have you noticed this?” She pointed to Harry’s dick. Harry was embarrassed but he could do nothing about it. His aunt said, “Yeah! Now I know how big he has become.” Harry was a bit surprised to hear his Emily's remark. He thought these ladies were having fun with him. 

Gracie asked, “What were you thinking that your little friend got big?” Harry now had enough. He thought he would answer frankly. So, he said, “I was thinking about you all. I was fantasizing that all of you are worshipping my dick and I was sucking your boobs, fucking your pussy and ass and making all of you cum.” By hearing this, the ladies in the room was staring at each other like they were telling each other something.

The Romantic Virgin Finds Fulfillment of Desire

Emily blinked her eyes as if to give Victoria a signal she was waiting for and she quickly took out Harry’s pant and Harry was totally taken aback. Without any notice, Victoria started to suck his dick. Emily asked Harry, “Tell me my darling are you a virgin?” 

In a trembling voice, he said, “Yes!” Then Emily said, “Then tonight, we are taking your virginity!” By saying this, she started to undress herself as well as other women in the room. Charlotte said, “Let’s give this university boy an experience of a lifetime!”

So, after getting naked, the ladies came forward and Gracie and Charlotte gave their boobs to Harry to play. His aunt came up to his mouth and spread her legs and said, “I want my pussy to be the first pussy you eat in your life.”

It was like heaven for Harry. He was sucking Emily’s pussy. But, he also had Charlotte’s boobs in his right hand and Gracie’s boobs in his left and Victoria was sucking his dick. After Emily, each one of the ladies gave their pussy to Harry and he sucked all of them. 

It was time for Harry to enter into the pussy of one of these ladies for the first time. His friends aunt came forward and said, “You will fuck me first. I want my cunt to be the first you enter!” Harry said, “Tonight,  you are my bitch, fucking whore like all your friends. Now come forward and lay on the sofa and spread your legs!”

Emily did exactly what Harry said and Harry Walker was no more a virgin. He was fucking like a crazed man from the streets. 

The Romantic Virgin Makes the Ladies Cum

Harry no longer a virgin was fucking all the ladies like a wild animal, and they did not have that kind of sex in their life for a long time. They were having orgasms like they did not have for many years. He also used his fingers to make the ladies cum. All the ladies, including his friends aunt Emily, were very, very satisfied. 

In the end, Harry came and all the ladies had to share his cum. Gracie said, “Next time, we want you to fuck our ass, Harry!” Victoria said, “Emily, you are lucky! You can fuck this man any time!” Emily said, “You can take him to your place and fuck as much as you like. Will you mind Harry if we invite you to fuck?”

Harry said with a smile on his face, “Not at all, in fact, I would love to, because I enjoy watching and fucking mature women more!” By saying this, Harry went to his room because he knew; it’s just the beginning of him no longer a virgin fucking these and many more other MILFs!

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