December 17


What is the #1 Horniest State when the Holidays Come?

By KingPerv

December 17, 2020

Recently, Click Cupid  spent hundreds of hours collecting and analyzing 55 sex-related keywords from Google Trends to determine the Horniest State during the holidays.


I find this an interesting and intriguing question, and it could definitely shape what state we may want to move to in the future!  When you go out in one of these states you can be sure that the people you run across have something more than Christmas Toys on their minds! 

#1 horniest state

The team at Click Cupid not only determined the Horniest states, they also determined the Not Horniest!  So those are states you'll definitely want to cross of your map!

To determine the Horniest states Click Cupid analyzed Google Trends during the Christmas season from 2010 to 2019 to find out which state is the horniest when the holiday season comes.
Interestingly, they found the below list:

horniest state

Top 5 Horniest States During the Christmas Season

#1 Mississippi
#2 Wyoming
#3 West Virginia
#4 Arkansas
#5 Louisiana

Along the way, they also discovered some other surprising facts. To find out your state's most searched sex term at Christmas, check this out: CLICK CUPID's HORNIEST STATES

horniest state

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