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Why Purchase a Sex Machine? Like The Tremor in 2021

By KingPerv

May 4, 2021

Hey Fellow adventurers, today we try and answer the question: "Why Purchase a Sex Machine?".   Today technology moves at lightning speed and our sex toys are no exception.  Come along and see why the sex toys of today are a whole class above what you may be accustomed to.


So, Why Purchase a Sex Machine?

Well the captain obvious answer is to get off!  Look this isn't no regular rodeo, you'll GET OFF like Fucking never before!  If your girl is multi-orgasmic, you'll be able to have one marathon sex session that you'll both remember for the rest of your life, or atleast until you plug that beast in again!  Hell, you may even find out that your girl is multi-orgasmic for the first time, as there's no way she's ever been stimulated like a high power sex machine can.  These saddle sex machines will expose her to more pleasure than she has ever experienced before.

All with you at the controls!  Remember with great power comes great.... Great Getting off!

These new vibrating crotch rockets like The Tremor have more power than ever before and you can judge them by how many RPM's they can do!  The Tremor sex machine likely has more RPMs than any production sex machine ever sold!  

Psst... Let me tell you a little secret, if Marijuana is legal where you live, you can combine it's aphrodisiac powers with The Tremor and take your pleasure to new chemically induced heights!  This is sometimes referred to as "CHEMSEX".  Almost nobody talks about it, but yes it's true aphrodisiacs do enhance sexual pleasure.  So if you are in an area where this is legal, then this is reason enough alone to answer the question of "Why Purchase a Sex Machine?".  

Obviously we only condone Legal and Safe aphrodisiacs!  Be very aware that the combination of a high power sex machine and an aphrodisiac can be very addictive!  Your brain will be flooded with more dopamine than it has every experienced before.  So Be careful and don't abuse yourself!  Sorry for the disclaimer, but it would be sad if you disappear into your room for days on end!

Another sweet thing about todays high powered sex machines is that they can be used by a man or a woman! There are a variety of attachments to get your cock or woman off!  This new breed of saddle sex machines generate high powered vibrations that can push the human body to new frontiers of sexual ecstasy. A high power saddle vibrator like The Tremor can generate more power than and pleasure than the human body has ever experienced!  

I guarantee your Cock or Clit won't know what hit it! 

If I had to recommend a sex machine to purchase and push your pleasure boundaries on the it would definitely be The Tremor!  

In my opinion the team behind The Tremor have knocked it out of the park and manufactured a safer, more powerful saddle vibrator than any competitor.  

Read on to see what makes this sex machine so special!

why buy a sex machine


Using The Tremor and it's variety of attachments you can explore your lovers body like never before.  There's an attachment for Clit, G-Spot and Prostate simulation.  Hold your penis against the bridge and see how long you can last! 

However you like to get off, The Tremor has you covered.

Why Purchase a Sex Machine?  3 Reasons

#1:  Spice up your bedroom!  

Escape the mundane and take your partner to new levels of ecstasy that no one before has ever taken them!  

Your partner will get off like never before!

#2: Reach New Heights of Ecstasy

Are you or your partner multi-orgasmic?  Perhaps The Tremor can help answer that question for you.  If you already know your partner is, will you be able to count all of the orgasms you bring them?

#3: Enjoy the Latest in Sexual Tech

Your fucking worth it!  

Pamper yourself in the ultimate luxury purchase and get off like a rocket going to the moon in the privacy of your bedroom!  With The Tremor's ten year warranty you'll be getting off for a long long time!

Why Purchase a Sex Machine?  The Tremor 

Here's some reasons why The Tremor is in a class of it's own.

why buy a sex machine

Why Purchase a Sex Machine?  The Wrap-up 

In the end, it really comes down to getting off like never before!  We all want to have that ultimate orgasm. Men and Women have been chasing it for centuries. I know I have been chasing the ultimate orgasm since I was old enough to spank it!  So let me share a secret with you and save you countless hours, if you want the ultimate orgasm for you and your partner then purchase a sex machine like The Tremor!   

Check out the Tremor Website now and see for yourself!

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