July 9


YouJizz, Are 100 Happy Endings Found Here?

By KingPerv

July 9, 2020

Hey Porn Lovers, You have to appreciate when a site gets right down to the reason you are coming there.  When you name your site YouJizz.com with a tag name of “Blow A Load”, you're embracing the whole point of why we go to these sex tube sites in the first place.  We of course go to shoot our (man juice, nut custard, man jelly, spoog), well you get the idea.  So does YouJizz live up to its name?  Let’s take an in-depth look and see if YouJizz has what it takes to help you…. well, you know “JIZZ”....


Of course everyone’s JIZZ threshhold level may vary, but we have to use someone’s Jizz excitement level and so we’ll use mine!  Before we dive into the conent, let’s start with a comprehensive overview of the You Jizz sex tube site and see if it’s worth hitting.  

I’m also interested in seeing how YouJizz.Com compares to our review of Wankmap.com and Pornkys.com.  You can read that review -->> here.

The Home Page Of YouJizz.com

youjizz sex tube

sex tube - CLICK PICTURE TO OPEN - sex tube

First Impressions:   When you land on YouJizz you’ll find as expected a portrait grid of the most popular vidoes on You Jizz that day.  YouJizz is nice enough to show us how many videos they have live on the site in their search bar at the top.  Today when I visited they have over 4 million hardcore videos for your FAP’ing delight.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that you’ll find something to Jizz to with 4 million videos to choose from!  

At the top You Jizz has a search bar to help you find that special Jizz Worthy video.  I tested it and can attest to it’s performance, at least on the first few pages of search results.  Nicely if you do a broad search the site will give you recommendations to hone in what you're looking for. A broad search of Sybian will get you recommendations for “Sybian Orgasms” to narrow down the field.

YouJizz Navigation

Just below the search bar you’ll see that YouJizz is tightly integrated with their own cam site YouJizzLive, because hey if you're going to Jizz why not Jizz with someone live?   You Jizz has twelve categories hot linked over to You Jizz Live.   Although this isn’t a CAM review I took a peek over at YouJizz Live and the girls on there were hot! There is definitely above average tail on this CAM site compared to ones that go for quantity at the cost of quality.   Check out the Teen Cams hot link, I found the girls to be fantastic.  

So if you want some live action to help you Jizz, it appears they have you covered.  Since this is a review of the You Jizz sex tube site, we’ll end the CAM review here.

Viewer Engagement

Next to the search bar at the top you will find the Account Sign Up drop down feature.  YouJizz will happily keep track of your history, uploads and the videos you like.  another option in this area is that they have the option to switch between different languages such as Chinese. 

Further down you can set your default landing page, and filter content that you prefer  Global filtering options are (Straight, Gay, Shemale and All).  Signing up for an account opens you up to participating in the YouJizz.com community.  The perk here is that you get to rate the videos on the site.  So if your a porn connoisseur who wants to help guide us to porn worth Jizzing to, they have you covered.

You Jizz Search Categories

Below the Live Cam hot link you’ll find 8 categorization choices (Popular, New, Top, Trending, Random, TAGS and HD)  and three buttons that take you to other sites. These offsite buttons are  (Live Sex, Meet&Fuck, and PornGames).  One of the buttons they do have that I appreciate is an HD button.  Look if you're going to Jizz these days on a free sex tube site you mine as well use all it has to offer and consider doing it to an HD movie.  

After the thoughtful category options, You Jizz gives us page numbers to quickly hop around on to find that Jizz worthy clip.  Testing the function you'll find that the site is very responsive and that the image clips are optimized for a good user experience.  A nice feature YouJizz has is a preview of the clip if you leave your mouse highlighted over a clip you're interested in.

The Contents of You Jizz.com

Really this is what you want to know, is YouJizz a sex tube site you can “Bang A Load Out” at?   The answer is definitive YES! The interface is easy to use and allows you to get to what your looking for quickly with high quality content to back up your searches.  I was able to find content that either gets drowned out or has been removed from some of the bigger sex Tube sites.  

For instance they have a load of “GirlsDoPorn” videos up that are hard to find on other large 

Sex Tube sites like Pornhub.  I also found high quality BBC, PAWG, MILF, Sybian and Sex Machine vidoes not on other mainstream sex tube sites.  With 4 million high quality videos to choose from, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find what you are looking for.  The contents appear to be decently edited to give your more of the good stuff and not a bunch of fluff!

What is the experience like on YouJizz.com?

So what is the experience watching videos on sex tube You Jizz? Well I can happily report that it’s a delight.  First of all there are ad’s but they have found a nice balance. You will get Ad’s on some pages and at the beginning of some videos but not all of them.  For a site that's free and supported by Ad’s they have a decent balance.  

Putting in the hard work, well someones gotta do it. I put sex tube YouJizz through its paces and did not encounter any of the issues I run into on sex tube Pornhub. None of their streams froze or had playback issues.  The scenes on YouJizz load quickly and for the most part bring you to hot action.   Skipping around is also easy to do as You Jizz has a preview feature where you can scan a move with your mouse quickly to jump to the Jizz worthy scenes also.  

YouJizz Viewing Experience

Based on my selfless viewing of their porn videos, I can attest that viewing experience is spot on and strikes a good balance between content and ad’s.  The experience is good as their videos load quickly and get down to business.  You Jizz definitely has their system dialed in well!

The Positives Of YouJizz.Com

Curated Content

You Jizz has hot curanted scenes at your fingertips.  You won’t need to scroll through 20 minutes of fluff it get to the good Jizz Worthy stuff

Fresh Content

We all have our favorites, but it’s nice to see fresh content that you haven’t seen on other sex tube sites.  It’s certainly easier to “Blow A Load” with hot scenes that are new to you.  


The Ad load at sex tube You Jizz is manageable and won’t get too in the way of you enjoying their content.

Some Problems at YouJizz.Com

Popular Studios

Could use more high quality content from the major porn studios. 

Quality Drops Off

Although they do have a lot of HD quality porn videos, I can’t say their scenes I would want to “Blow My Load” to.

The Review in a Nutshell


  • Large Curated Porn Selection
  • Fast Site
  • Reasonable Amount Of Ads
  • Free Porn! Can't Beat That


  • Lack of Major Studios in HD
  • Somewhat Older Content

The Final Verdict

We started this review with a simple question.  Does sex tube YouJizz have content to help you blow your “Banjo Gravy”, “Bust A Nut” or “Make Some Man Syrup”.  Without a DOUBT sex tube YouJizz has what it takes in hot clips to help any of us Jizz. 

Even with it’s few shortcomings you will find a fast responsive site with enough hot and unique content to make it worth checking out.  So the next time you want “To Blow A Load” as their slogan says, hop on over to sex tube YouJizz.com and Find Your Happy Ending!

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